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Not An Easy Fix’s originator, Jackson Rannells, first came up with a vision for a community healing & honoring event in Somerville NJ in 2018.
He and many of 
his good friends had lost numerous mutual friends within just a few years. With the help of his dad, he successfully created a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, formed a professional Board and created a committee of loyal and talented friends setting the ball in motion.
An application was filled out to hold the event on Division Street in Somerville NJ in the fall of 2018, but then for a few 
reasons it was decided to switch plans to the summer months of 2019. The excitement was growing, however, Jackson
had his own personal 
struggle with addiction and the process had to be delayed as he sought

treatment. Then, when the opportunity arose again to resurrect the event, the plight of Covid

struck our world and, as we all know too well, many hopes and dreams had to be put on hold.


Jackson had several good years and experiences while in recovery, gaining new perspective through maturity as well as discovering the foundational strength he found in his Christian

faith walk. He deeply believed in the transformational power of Christ and openly shared his spiritual journey.  He wanted to offer his story so that others could benefit and he truly wanted

to help others especially those younger than himself to steer them away from the temptation of experimenting with dangerous substances. He had the idea of conducting multi-media


Jackson grew up in Bridgewater NJ. He was an intelligent, creative, witty, passionate, caring and loyal friend. Those around him knew of his strong energy, convincing charm and fearless antics. He moved with his family in 2007 to Branchburg NJ, enrolling in Somerville High School. Unfortunately, soon thereafter, some poor choices launched his personal journey with addiction which started in his teen years and worsened in his 20’s after being prescribed an opioid medication for an injury. The epidemic had begun and it knew no boundaries regarding its targets.

assemblies in local middle and high schools to convey his urgent message.


Unfortunately, on February 18, 2021, a relapse involving fentanyl and xylazine poisoning took his life. His family and friends will never be the same, but in his name and in honor of his deceased friends and so many other loved ones lost in Somerset County NJ and beyond, Not An Easy Fix and its team is now coming together to make a difference in the lives of others and in our communities.


Jackson had nothing but love and loyalty for his family and amazing friends.  To honor his legacy and to make a difference, they are now stepping up to hopefully help save lives
and change the direction of this societal scourge.  

Committee Members

Minimal Office

Board of Trustees

Jack Rannells - Attorney, JRannells Law PC/Baker & Rannells PA, Somerville

Rick St. Pierre - Proprietor, Verve Restaurant, Somerville


Dan LaMountain – Owner, LaMountain Marketing Communications LLC, Somerville


Fr. Ronald N. Pollock – Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Somerville

Patrick Mannion – Proprietor, Mannion's Pub & Restaurant, Somerville

James Watson - JDW Sports Management, Bridgewater (Ambassador)

Our Volunteers

We are proud to add the support of those individuals who have expressed interest in being involved with the projects and goals of Not An Easy Fix. Our mission and its success would not be as strong without them.

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Janet Mary Pizzelli • Barbara Harvat Dugan • Brenda Petti Ryan • Christine Erhardt • Robyn & Tom Rosenthal

Phyllis Kalmback • Steven Stabile • Bob Rannells • Edie Velcheck • Emily Larkin • Kim Atenco • Julie Tutunjian

Michael DeCanio • Jannette Gonzalez  • Sarah Goldsworth Nemeth • Samantha Chavez • Nick Donnadio

Step up and join our great team of volunteers! To be a part, please contact us at



Cheryl Daveiga • Vanessa Remley Melinda Walsh 

Jack & Ellen Rannells • Patrick Mannion/Mannion's Pub

Barry & Bess Hopfel/Voltage Therapy Electric




 Rick St. Pierre


Dan LaMountain • Fr. Ron Pollock • James Watson •

Scott Friedly/Takeda Pharma



Susan Antin • Fran & John Leroux • Mike Vecchia • RanD Pitts/Evolve


Nick Donnadio • Ian Fealey • Max Ferreira • Phyllis Kalmback

Mike Kerwin • Theresa Matay • Gracie • Carolyn Cardwell

Kathleen Sloan


Thank you for your support!

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NOT AN EASY FIX was blessed to have had Maryrose as a member of its team and committee. She wanted to spread awareness about the opioid epidemic and fentanyl crisis and wanted to save lives through any means possible. She was one of our most active committee members bringing energy, support, creativity, and life experience to all of our programs and projects. One could call on her for help and always count on her to care. She often spoke at our events, was happily videotaped often, and always helped to promote and publicize our cause. Maryrose ran her own nonprofit 4theyoungerme and was a very talented visual artist. She will be deeply missed as we are all heartbroken by her passing and loved her very much. Rest peacefully Maryrose. Forever27.

We are so thankful to everyone who so generously and lovingly made donations to
NOT AN EASY FIX in memory of Maryrose

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Kevin F Boucher, Brittany Tramonte, Erin Lacosta, Kimberly Czernikowski, Jennifer DePace, Barbara Ciamporcero, Karen Rice, Molly Tolsky, Kathleen Rooney, Marisa Manning, Russell Caluri, Albert Skop, Joseph Jackson, Candey Thornbury, Marie Rudolph, Christine Szeluga/Modica, Karen Dankosky, Gregory Gilson, Carol Brown, Lisa Patullo, Maureen Becker, Doreen Lenzo, Ashley Pettesch, Dana Smith, Keith Schwartz, Ron Deford, Sonia Viglianti, Marisa Degennaro, Paul Holmes, James McCarthy, Kenneth Leeds, Jason Chen, Ashley Vactor, Patti Zielinski, Roseann Cervelli, Valerie Arena, Lori Quinn, Ronni Lederman, Nicolett Silvio Wood,  Robin Stiskin, Susan Lagomarsino, Tracey Paradiso, JoAnn Sei, Natalie Zaman, Karen LaMountain, Kim Basciano, Tom Toale, Mariann & Ronald Burnosky, Lora Dultz, Tom Taylor, Steven O’Toole & Mary Wadsworth, Anthony & Susan Dandola, Cindy Streepy, Maria Cabrales, Kathleen Gargiulo, George Okane, Stefanie Kolling, Edward Pryjomski, Gary & Alexis Stramaglia, Kenneth & Elizabeth Koharki, Maria and Ralph Croat, Kroll, Franklin & Assoc., Robert & Jennifer Rannells, Elizabeth Malloy, Dorothy & Kevin Driscoll, Carolyn Cardwell, Eileen Green, Nancy / Karen Deland, Carolyn Hespe, Christina Steffner, Gary Brasco, Joan Standley, Monica Skydell, Anne Fealey, Claire Otoole, Lauren DeMaioribus, Deborah Bond Upson, Ashley Pires/Hillside Avenue School in Cranford, Alan Schutz, Paul Cuprewich, Alvin Fong, Brian Kaufman, Lisa Caroselli, Susanne Betz, Mary Carisone, Maria Patullo, The Presbyterian Church at 409 Mountain Ave., Alan P Gilson, Linda Keller

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