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‍“Let us all come together in peace, understanding, and love in the midst of a war that is raging upon the bodies, minds, and souls of those precious to us. Let us act before we lose one more son, daughter, friend, relative, or neighbor.”     

Jackson Rannells - Not An Easy Fix's Founder

Sober Recovery Event Celebrating
50 Years of Hip Hop


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Not An Easy Fix & DJ Choices brought a 'mind blowing’ sight & sound school assembly with impactful messages about dangerous substances and addiction awareness to over 1,000 students at Somerville HS. Many thanks to Principal Foley & the Somerville Board of Education, the Borough of Somerville, and the Somerville Municipal Alliance for their support. It was DJ Choices premiere event in Somerset County & NJ!\

To inquire about bringing the program to your school, contact us at


We are a group of concerned citizens bringing to light the horrific effects and devastation that opioids, fentanyl, and other addictive substances have caused and are continuing to cause throughout our beautiful communities. We want to offer support, direction, and hope. We acknowledge addiction is ‘not an easy’ journey, but ‘there is always hope’ and many ‘fixes’ that can be tried and applied to potentially change the course of a life. We will address the issues and solutions to help make a difference.



Our objective is to improve the health and wellness of our loved ones, families & communities by:


  • Educating and Raising Awareness about the Opioid Epidemic and Fentanyl Crisis


  • Advocating and Taking Action against the Stigma of the Disease of Addiction


  • Providing Resource Information for Prevention of and Recovery from Substance Use Disorder



  • Present Live EventsWe will host community gatherings throughout the year to learn, to grow, to support each other, to celebrate those in recovery and to remember those we have lost.       

  • Share on Social Media - We will use various media platforms to increase awareness and bring strength in numbers.

  • Form Community Partnerships - We will build effective alliances with other area organizations to tackle this cause together.


  • Create a Photo Memorial – An ongoing photo wall of our loved ones will be displayed on our website and at events to honor their lives.



  • Over 294 people die every day from opioid overdoses in the U.S. There were 107,375 overdose deaths last year in 2021


  • 3,124 people died in New Jersey of drug overdoses in 2021, with most linked to the synthetic opioid fentanyl.*


  • Every 5 minutes someone dies from Fentanyl 'poisoning' in the U.S.


  • Fentanyl has been found in heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, marijuana, and counterfeit pills appearing identical to prescription medication e.g. Oxycontin, Percocet, Xanax, Adderall, etc.

N.J. Overdose Update

Jan-Dec 2022

2,893 deaths

N.J. overdose death rate per 100,000 residents is 53.14% higher

than the national average.

Today, fentanyl is the leading

cause of death in the U.S.

for adults ages 18-45

How Did NOT AN EASY FIX Begin?

In early 2018, Not An Easy Fix’s founder, Jackson Rannells, came up with a vision for a needed community healing and honoring event promoting addiction awareness that would include speakers, resource tables, music, a memorial photo wall and candlelight vigil for those loved ones from his community that had passed.  He also dreamed of reaching youth by producing multi-media assemblies at local schools to deliver effective messages against substance abuse. 

To read more about Jackson's personal story

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