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Our team will be organizing and presenting public awareness events throughout the year that will include prominent community speakers informing us of important programs and policies surrounding addiction, as well as hearing personal stories from a variety of those afflicted, family members, and individuals in recovery. We aspire to coordinate open forum discussions, present effective messages and programs, and build effective partnerships to tackle this very important cause.

NAEF Originator Jackson Rannells had a passion for music of all kinds.  Because of this love and acknowledgement of the profound impact music and art can have, where and when appropriate, these universal languages will be incorporated into our projects to serve as the conduits for touching and motivating the souls and minds of those rallying for change within the addiction crisis landscape.

We did it! Our 1st community event was a success!
Check out a glimpse of the evening... Official video to come.


NAEF_August-2022_8.5x14_070722-JH (2)-1.jpg

COMING IN 2023...